When you come to a session you see your world (life, circumstances) from your perspective and you possibly have some information about the perspectives of people around you. During the session you tell me what you want to accomplish in the outside world, then, together, we find what is it in you that needs to be understood, changed, released, become stronger, more present, etc… in order to get to what you desire, because you are the only one we can change. Sometimes, it happens that just the awareness of who you would need to become to accomplish what you desire will make you change your goal because it doesn’t even fit your values.

I will ask you questions in order to better understand your world. Sometimes you may have a blind spot that a question/answer will reveal. Sometimes a question will put the spotlight on something you kind of knew all along but didn’t feel ready to face. The more we explore your world the clearer things get.

Sometimes the clarity will be enough and you will feel ready to walk the path forward. Sometimes, you will feel like the thing you would like to change about yourself can’t be changed or at least not using the tools most people would mention: willpower, self-discipline, motivation. Luckily, there are tools in NLP and other transformative tools that help with the process. When you really want to accomplish something, you feel you can do it, you feel the pull towards it, you feel joy when you think about doing it, you enjoy actually doing it – do you really need “willpower” and “self-discipline” and additional motivation? I don’t think so. Those “tools” are only necessary when you are “fighting” your inner resistance. And when you’ve understood the resistance, or the part of you that resisted something, then all the energy that was used for resisting can now go into achieving what you want and, more importantly, becoming who you want to become.

In the sessions we will listen to that inner resistance, see what good intention it has for you and apply the necessary tools. Sometimes the part of you that is resisting you doing something is simply very young and has an interesting, but not a very realistic perspective of your situation and your current inner resources. Sometimes, on the other hand, it has crucial role in not letting you go down the road that would shrink your world, or make you endure incredible amounts of stress and unhappiness. It can be very wise and see deeper or further than your conscious mind can. And, sometimes, there is a third (and forth and fifth) solution that you haven’t even thought of.